Airbitz Has Built The Best Bitcoin Wallet

Airbitz WalletWhether you’re a frequent Bitcoin user or a casual one, you probably fear that using one of the many wallets available on the internet may either leak personal information or any other safety problem. Fortunately, Airbitz has built one of the safest and most efficient Bitcoin wallets on the internet. The mobile app is easy to setup and use and it has many safety features, which ensures you will be able to use your bitcoins anytime anywhere without a problem.

Setting up is easy

One of the best things about the new Airbitz wallet is that it is extremely simple to use. You can setup a secure and encrypted Bitcoin wallet, which is also backed up without wasting your valuable time, unlike in the case of other wallets. Within a few minutes of the installation, you can start receiving or sending bitcoins to and from anywhere in the world – this is how easy it is! Not only is the Airbitz wallet easy to setup, but to use as well, as the simple user interface allows you to transact bitcoins with just a few buttons. You also get a curated map as well as directory of any online businesses using bitcoins as well.

Simplicity and complexity combined

The new Airbitz wallet is so simple to use that you can even teach your parents to use it in under five minutes. However, advanced users won’t be disappointed, since all the complex features are still there. For the casual user,  the app only requires creating a login, a password as well as a 4 digit PIN. Following this easy step will ensure that the encryption, backup, as well as the recovery of information will be done automatically with no extra steps to be taken. You can then send bitcoins in seconds using SMS, emails, QR code or Bluetooth.

Safer than ever before

The latest Airbitz app isn’t just easy to use, but a lot safer as well. Most bitcoin wallets you can find online all share the risks of having to deal with complicated processes you’re not familiar with, such as encrypting or backing up information regarding private keys. With Airbitz, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any of it, as the keys and wallets will be encrypted as well as backed up automatically. If your mobile device is stolen, then you won’t face any risks, as you can just enter the user login, password and PIN on any other device to regain access to your bitcoins, as well as wallet information.

Privacy at its best

You should also be glad to hear that the Airbitz doesn’t store any unencrypted information on the mobile device, and neither does it transmit it on the network. And even when the Airbitz servers are down, you can still have access to your funds, as the app will directly access bitcoin network codes.

So if you want to use the best bitcoin wallet there is, then you should download and install the latest Airbitz app and start sending and receiving bitcoins safely!