Choosing A Rugged Computer Manufacturer

rugged computerThere are many things to consider when you choose a rugged computer manufacturer, considering that there is a wide variety of options available. Basically, you must check if the manufacturer is reliable and produces devices that can meet your needs, ensuring good productivity and being a good investment overall.

Estimating your needs

The first thing to think about is what you actually need to accomplish. Choose a manufacturer that produces rugged computers with the functions that your job requires. Make sure that you consider every important detail, including the working conditions (outdoors, in rough weather conditions, exposed to dust, moisture, very high or very low temperatures etc.), the road between work sites, the required maintenance etc. Manufacturers are able to offer computers characterized by a high level of ruggedness, for particularly difficult working conditions, but also by a lower level of ruggedness.

Of course, you should also consider your budget. Rugged computers are more expensive than regular computers, but there are considerable price differences even among them. Choose a manufacturer that offers you the best balance between price and quality and be prepared to pay some extra money if you want high quality stuff.

Choosing the right features

Some rugged computers are equipped to properly protect your data even when you are changing the battery; with others, you risk to lose some collected data. Some have large displays, making imagery-rich content easy to be visualized, while others are smaller and more compact. Some displays perform better than others outside, in bright sunlight.

Manufacturers also offer computers equipped with different operating systems, so you should determine which OS you need or prefer to work with and make sure it is compatible with the software you will be using.

Some rugged computers are equipped with a physical keyboard, which allows users to collect large amounts of data, while others are handheld computers, with normal or high sensitive touch screens.

Manufacturers offer different options when it comes to the battery power too: some batteries allow users to work only for a few hours, others for a full working day or even more. They also allow the attachment of different accessory devices, so make sure that you choose a manufacturer that produces computers equipped with all the necessary ports for attaching all the accessory devices that you need in your work. Also remember to choose a computer that supports the connectivity you need.

Manufacturers produce computers that can be repaired if necessary, but they also produce break-and-replace computers; you will have to decide which type is best for you. It is also important to check what level of support is provided by the manufacturer; someĀ  will offer you all their resources, while others will provide only limited (if any!) support.

Last but not least, you must ask the manufacturer about warranties. Typically, rugged computers come with a 2-year warranty, but you must check this information before you make a purchase.

Buying Your Rugged Computer

Choosing the rugged computer manufacturer who is able to offer the ideal computer for your project is not simple, and if you are not experienced, you should first speak with a specialist.